Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Can't Remember Everything

While unpacking my computer gear here in Mehama, I realized why the Bag O' Stuff (miscellaneous cables and connectors) seemed slightly smaller this time than last trip: I'd forgotten to include the external mini-USB hub. This isn't a crisis; just a minor inconvenience. Normally I run the laptop's cooling pad fan off of the externally-powered hub since it slightly reduces the power draw on the laptop (the point is, after all, to keep the laptop running cooler).

I just wish I'd noticed this on Saturday before we made a trip to Fry's in Wilsonville, since we could have easily replaced it then. It's not sufficiently urgent to justify a trip on its own. Maybe next Saturday, since we're planning on going to Brooks for the Oregon Steam-Up.
Tags: computers

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