Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Steamed At Us

We went to the Oregon Steam-Up yesterday, and we had a good time, especially before the heavy overcast burned off. I sort of wish we'd gone earlier in the day and had breakfast there, since they opened at 7. Once the clouds burned off and the sun came out, it got very hot. One fault of the site is that there aren't a lot of places where you can sit in the shade.

Every year, there are new exhibits at Steam-Up. There are two new buildings going up on the site, and one that was just a concrete slab last year is now completed.

This year, there was a larger exhibit of military vehicles. Kuma Bear was cross with us because I decided not to take the camera with us, and thus Kuma missed the opportunity to be Military Bear on tanks, jeeps, etc.

Admission to Steam-Up is $10, but some items within the fair are extra, like the trolley rides. However, as we're members of the museum, we don't have to pay. I wondered if there would be any issue with having to identify ourselves as members, but when one of the conductors gave Lisa a big hug and thanked her for coming out, I figured it would be okay. The trolley loop on the grounds is still incomplete, which is too bad, and I think it's also too bad that they don't make intermediate stops anymore. They used to stop at the Car Barn and at the RV parking upon request or flag, which allowed it to be used as transit. Now, the only places you can board/depart are at the two ends of the line, which are pretty close to each other on account of the current line is shaped like a U.

Around 4 PM, our enthusiasm flagged, and we boarded the trolley near the front gate for a second ride. We actually were using it as transit of a sort: the other end of the U is right next to a side gate that is closer to where we'd parked. Some day, they hope to extend the trolley out into the parking area and make a complete loop of it. As Lisa pointed out, that will allow them to use the single-ended PCC cars (right now, they mostly rely on the double-ended ex-Sydney streetcar, which is the real workhorse of the system). Also, they should, we hope, be able to use it to transport people from the parking lot to the main gate.

It was a pretty good day, all in all. I enjoy coming to this event. Lisa said that the Steampunk types should come and look at real steam in action: steam-powered tractors, sawmill, a railroad crane, and other examples of good old fashioned Steam Power.
Tags: kuma bear, oregon, steam-up

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