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Paint Your Trailer

A few weeks ago, travelswithkuma reported on progress on the utility trailer. Yesterday afternoon, we walked to the hardware store (where we are regular and well-known customers) to buy a bucket of paint to cover the replaced boards. The store's owner pointed at a bucket of gray-green paint that had been previously marked down for quick sale and said, "Take that one; no charge."

"Free is good," I said, and carried it away. We still spent some money, however, as Lisa bought some new paint brushes and mineral spirits for cleaning them.

After that, we did the errand to the lumber yard, and with the smoke cloud cutting the heat sufficiently to get working, she started on the painting. She pried open the can and said, "Uh, oh."

I came over and looked. The paint in the can had solidified into a gray-green blob. "Oh, well," I said, "No harm done."

Noting that it was 5:45, we hot-footed it across the property (the hardware store shares its back fence with Lisa's father's property) and got there before they closed at 6 PM. We let the owner know that the can of paint was dead -- as I said, no harm done -- and that we were going to have to buy some paint after all. He suggested some Tudor Brown outdoor wood paint, which looked just right to us, and we took it.

Lisa started painting and I threw away the can of dead paint. After not too long, she'd completely covered the base of the trailer and the lower boards.

There's one replaced board on the rear gate that still needs painting, and of course the older upper boards all need to be replaced as time permits.

We'll let the trailer sit in the sun for at least a day or so before putting the sheet of plywood over the painted lower boards. It's been a long time (almost two years!), but we're finally getting close to being able to use this utility trailer again. This should improve our efficiency at clearing brush and other debris considerably, as one of the bottlenecks has been only being able to shift stuff with the small hand cart.
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