Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
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Warning: May Cause Dizziness

On Thursday morning, Lisa decided to do a "supply run" to the roof, planning to take several loads of material up top and storing it up there, but not actually working on the roof itself. I asked her to take the camera up with her to document what it looks like from up there, in light of all of the photos I've taken from ground level. Before heading up the ladder, she hung the camera around her neck and turned the video recorder on. It takes a little over two minutes to climb from ground level to the peak of the roof, and the video below gives you a bit of the feel for what it looks like to her as she does it.

While up there, she also took some still photos.

This is what she sees when she looks down the ladder at me holding it to make sure it doesn't kick out on her.

When she's on the peak of the roof, she sometimes needs me to shift the safety line from one angle to another to allow her to reach the specific area on which she's working.

Even with safety lines, it's a long way down from here.

This is what it looks like at the peak of the roof looking down the other side. Fortunately for us, the roof on that side, which is mostly protected by trees, does not appear to be leaking and is in much better condition.

Here's what it looks like from the peak of the roof looking across at her father's house (the smaller red building in the center) and RV garage (the larger building to the right). The pile of debris in the lower center is the remains of the old garage that was torn down a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, the pile is full of nails, metal, and unidentified potentially noxious stuff like old aerosol cans, and therefore cannot be burned. If it was just old boards, we'd wait for a burn day, set it on fire, and salvage the metal later, but now we'll have to pull it apart one piece at a time trying to separate the hazards from the disposables.

This is Lisa's "Office" — the capped chimney that is the only flat surface on the entire roof. Lisa can store cans of Roof Goop, nails, hammers, staples, and other supplies here. Once she went up on the roof, looked inside the chimney, and said, "Oh, so that's where that roll of tape went," tossing the solidified-beyond-usefulness roll off the roof after having left it up there for the winter.

If anyone wonders what Lisa does for a living, I want to point them at pictures like this and say, "This." Taking care of this property for her father is a more-than-full-time job.

Edit, 14:55: Corrected the description of the back side of the roof, which I'd incorrectly described as the far end of the north side.
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