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Strangely Seductive Fanfic

While looking through a friend's old LJ entries trying to find context for something, I stumbled onto her entry pointing to this online comic, which is basically a Powerpuff Girls/Dexters Laboratory crossover fanfic set in the "Cartoon Network universe," including cameos by other CN shows. I get the impression this is pretty well known, but I'd never seen it before.

According to the date stamps, it was published over 2004-2005, and does have a relatively firm and not especially happy ending, albeit one that would allow for a continuation if the author feels like coming back to it. The girls are drawn in a a different style from their show, in what I'd describe as anime-like. I think the art is pretty well done, and the story, well, I was surprised at how touching I found it. And I don't watch much Cartoon Network stuff; only enough to know who most of the characters making appearances are.

But those who know me know that I have a terribly sappy and sentimental streak in me.

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