Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

State of the Roof

After taking most of Sunday off, we've come to a decision on how to proceed with That Darn Roof.

Here's what the roof looks like as of this morning. The section to the far left is done. The section to the right has one or two coats of Gray Goo undercoat. The center section needs the most work, but it's also the area where Lisa has been accessing everything else.

The current plan is for Lisa to check how dry the section to the right is, and if she judges it safe to do so, move the roof ladder to the right, along with the safety and messenger ropes, while I move the ground ladder to the right as well. Once the ladders are moved, she can lay the roof fabric over the remaining uncovered section (that's the section that's under the roof ladder right now). Then she'll start laying Gray Goo from left to right.

Once that section has cured, she can start applying White Goo over-coat from left to right. Whether we get any of that done while I'm still here on this trip is an open question.

In the longer term, the plan is to keep moving down the roof, applying roof fabric and Goo as time permits. I don't expect to get anything further down-roof done until next year, although Lisa may be able to put a local patch on a section above and to the right of the currently gooped section where the shingles have fallen off.

If we can get the middle section covered in Gray Goo by the time I leave next Saturday, I'll feel a lot better about this coming rainy season. I currently hope to be back up here at the end of September/beginning of October if the Day Jobbe allows it. No telling whether we'll have the clear, dry weather we'll need do apply the overcoat; however, even the undercoat will help keep the rain off this season.
Tags: lisa, mehama, roof
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