Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Nearing Complete Coverage

The weather was remarkably cooperative on Monday, so we got a lot more accomplished on the roof than I expected.

As I mentioned yesterday, we got the ladders moved yesterday afternoon. After I got done with the Day Jobbe, Lisa kitted up and went up on the roof with the scrapers and blowers and scraped off as much dirt as she could from where it had accumulated under the roof ladder where it originally sat. She then brought up a roll of roof fabric, climbed up to the crown of the roof, and slowly and carefully unrolled it a little bit at a time, stapling it into place as she went and edging her way down the roof. When she was done, she cut it off and slipped the loose end under the lower ladder, which held the sheet in place temporarily.

With the sheet in place, we now had roof sheeting over every part of the east half of the north side of the roof, except for the small breech you see here. This is where the roof eave is damaged, and the facia (the covering at the base of the eave) is damaged and needs replacing.

Lisa then tossed or lowered all of the roof-cleaning equipment back to ground level. She decided there was enough time to apply Gray Goo, and she'd previously stored two cans of it in her "office" on the chimney. She took the roller topside, opened cans, and started rolling it on.

She did not want to get goop on the ladder, so once she'd got far enough down the roof, she came all the way down to ground level and we moved the ladder back into the notch in the roof shown above. Then she went back up on the ladder and covered everything she could reach from the top few steps. Before starting to goop here, she also cut off the loose end of the sheet she'd laid earlier that evening. With less than fifteen minutes of light left before she would have been climbing in the dark, she made it back to ground level, sent me over to wash the roller, and secured all of the rest of the equipment for the night.

Here's how it looked this morning. We're delighted to say that we now have fabric and at least one and in some cases two or more coats of either Gray Goo or White Goo or both over everything here except the notch under the ladder, which we'll have to deal with eventually when we figure out a way to fix the eave and facia in this area. The somewhat splotchy look in places is again due to not always getting two coats in some places, and because she'd applied a coat of White Goo near the roof last year without an undercoat, just because she had some of the goo handy and needed to do something sooner, not later.

Today was a No Roof Work day, which is good because I had Day Jobbe work that kept me busy all day today and into the evening. We needed to let the coats of Gray Goo dry. Lisa will evaluate the work tomorrow and decide whether or not to start applying White Goo overcoat or not.

Besides needing to let all of the Goo dry, and besides needing to let her very sore muscles recover from all that time dangling from the safety harness, Lisa took the day off from construction work because it is her father's birthday, and she made dinner for the three of us, including chocolate brownies. I had a small piece. Boy, were they good, but I had to go take a 3 km hike after dinner to make up for it.

Although there continues to be work to be done — there always is — we're feeling very good about what we've done now. Even if we had to stop immediately, we have some hope that we've made a significant move in keeping that section of roof from leaking this winter. Of course we won't really know until it starts raining, but we're holding out hope.

The icon on this post is a picture of a pile of empty cans of Roof Goo tossed off the roof by Lisa.
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