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Plugging Away

This afternoon, I did two roughly hour-long stints splitting wood and cutting brush. I got two or three more of the cedar rounds either split down to burnable size or at least to an unsplittable state (because of too many knots) that I can move it to the area within range of the electric chainsaw for later reduction.

Some of you may remember my stories of the 2008 Christmas Storm in Mehama that among other things made this mess when the fir tree dropped a pile of branches on the path. As I've mentioned, I cut a few branches from that tree a few days ago. I cut several more today, including one that could have fallen on the pump house. I'd rather drop it in relatively controlled circumstances after trimming the brush from it with the pole-axe. I hope that Lisa and I have time for her to cut it into burnable pieces before I leave on Saturday.

I am pretty worn out, but there was a bright side to it. My blood sugar dropped so low after I did the post-lunch tree-splitting that I felt comfortable having another one of the delicious chocolate brownies that Lisa made yesterday. Mmmmm. It almost makes the aches and pains worthwhile.
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