Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Light Shows

The last two nights I have seen interesting light shows in the skies. On Friday night, as Lisa and I were walking back to the trailer from her father's house around 10 PM, I saw a meteor streak across the sky and burn out; it was one of the more demonstrative shooting stars I've ever seen. Last night, while driving through Southern Oregon, I ran across thunderstorms. As I started the climb from Ashland up to Siskiyou Pass, I hit a wall of water coming out of the sky that thoroughly addled me. Good thing there wasn't much traffic! But anyway, from Grants Pass southward to Yreka the Cascades were lit up with spectacular lightning strikes. It was enough for me to lower the antennas on my van in order to present fewer targets for the strikes.
Tags: weather

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