Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Hot Time on the Road

On account of my not having checked ahead, my family didn't know I was going to be in Sutter today for certain, so when I stopped by, I found my mother was out for the day and my grandfather was asleep (and I did not want to wake him up), so rather than spending a couple of hours there, I dropped off something I've been meaning to bring them for a while and continued on my way.

I did stop at the Winco Foods and stocked up on things like Teddy's Root Beer that I can't easily get in the Bay Area. But I became increasingly reluctant to make stops when the main air conditioning fan wouldn't come on after one of my stops. It's that darn intermittent failure that can't be reproduced on demand. The fan will be running just fine when I stop the van, but when I restart it, there's nothing. Then, a random amount of time later, the fan will come back on again and work normally.

An AC fan that doesn't work is not something you want when the thermometer is making eyes at 40 degrees Celsius as it was on I-5 in the northern Sacramento Valley this afternoon. After the Winco Foods stop, I was nearly in Dobbins, twenty miles south, before the fan came back to life. At that point, I scrubbed plans to stop for dinner and resolved to try and drive straight home if I could.

I wish I'd known there were going to be multi-mile traffic slowdowns at Woodland, Vacaville, and north of the Benecia Bridge. I might have tried taking I-5 to I-205/580 through Altamont Pass instead, although I have no idea if it would have been faster. In any event, despite the slowdowns, I pulled into my parking space at 7 PM, about three hours earlier than I originally expected to arrive, which is pretty good because I'm very tired and need to have a little bit to eat and then get some sleep. Things like setting up my printer that I took to Oregon with me can wait.
Tags: family, travel, van, weather

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