Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Business Meeting Agenda Draft Posted

A draft copy of the WSFS Business Meeting agenda has been posted on the Aussiecon 4 web site in the Business Meeting section of the site.

There are four substantive pieces of new business (constitutional amendments), including the e-voting proposal I submitted. The other three are a proposal to decouple the site selection advance supporting membership (voting fee) from the initial price of a Worldcon membership; a change that would allow Worldcons to distribute their rules electronically rather than requiring paper copy distribution; and an expansion of eligibility to nominate on the Hugo Awards to include the members of the subsequent Worldcon as well as the past and current Worldcon, thus allowing the members of three Worldcons to nominate.

Not currently visible on the agenda, but in a couple of reports that I turned in that don't seem to have made their way to the agenda document, are two technical amendments. One adds a cross-reference to clear up confusion as to what a certain piece of the constitution refers to, and the other formally adds the design of the Hugo Award rocket and the Hugo Award logo to the list of service marks claimed by WSFS.
Tags: business meeting, hugo award, worldcon, wsfs

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