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Hugo Nominations

I submitted my Hugo Awards nominations today. As Cheryl Morgan pointed out here, the deadline for nominating is next Friday. Don't wait until the last minute; fill out your ballot sooner rather than later. If you need some suggestions, you can find a bunch of them on the Emerald City Hugo Recommendations Page

Thanks to cherylmorgan and I being able to talk for free over Skype (once I got my headset working; the sound card had stopped recognizing the microphone), we remembered that Ion Trails (you can download it at that link), the "in-flight magazine" of the WSFS Armadillo is eligible in Related Book. Funny thing is that I knew that at the time, and forgot about it until just today, probably because I keep thinking of the category under its older name "Best Non-Fiction Book."

Even if you don't nominate anything with which I'm involved -- even if you go out of your way to nominate other works because you think I'm being crass for even pointing out the works' eligibility -- if you can nominate, then please do so. The more people nominate, the broader base we get for the awards and, in my opinion, the better they will be.
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