Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

The Future of Worldcons

Originally posted on the A4 LJ but now also with a branch on worldcons is a discussion about the future of Worldcon, with particular regard to dates and conflicting events such as Dragon*Con and Burning Man. Comments on the worldcons thread, please, not here. The discussion is fractured enough as it is.

I have had time today to think about this and participate in the discussion, but the time draws near rapidly when I will have no more such time because I'll be too busy participating in fanac in person at Worldcon to be writing about it online. Indeed, while I expect to be online a bit around the Hugo Awards and maybe long enough to post some Business Meeting reports, I would not count on me being online a long for the first two weeks of December. Don't panic if messages from me are relatively rare between August 30 and September 12: I won't have disappeared, but may well not have great internet connectivity for part of that time.
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