Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Unlocked Phones

Okay, so it seems like it's not too expensive to buy a SIM card and time in Australia giving me a local Australian mobile phone number for the two weeks I'm there if I have an unlocked phone that will work on the mobile phone system down under (GSM, right?). But where can I buy an unlocked phone of this sort in the Bay Area?

All of the places around here with which I'm familiar appear to be "company stores" that sell phones for the US system and locked into their plan. I don't need a US cell phone, as I have one already. I don't even need a US SIM card. I just need an "empty" phone that I can use in Australia by buying a SIM card there.

Yes, I see lots of offers online. I suppose if I'd given more thought to this a few weeks ago, I might have bought something online. As it stands now, if I'm going to buy something online, I'm going to have to pay for overnight shipping so it's here on Friday or at the very least Monday by noon. I hate having to spend as much for shipping as for the phone itself.
Tags: aussiecon, travel
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