Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee


It's really a bit sooner than I normally would get a haircut, but because I'm leaving Monday and I did think I was somewhat at loose ends, I stopped by my regular barber's shop on the way to work and got a trim. He charges $16 for a haircut and I usually leave a couple of extra dollars as well. Imagine my embarrassment when I opened my wallet and found only $15 cash. Huh? I'd obviously lost track of what I'd been spending. He told me it was okay and to not worry about it. As I slunk out of the shop, I realized that in my pocket full of change, I had $3 in quarters left over from playing pinball last weekend. I went back and gave him the $3 and felt less like a deadbeat.

Now to go through my receipts and see if I can figure out what I spent that I forgot about.
Tags: money
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