Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Aussiecon Day 1

Worldcon started yesterday. I wish I had time to do justice with a proper report, but I just don't have the time.

In the morning, I walked over the river to downtown to do a few errands, including buying time for my mobile phone so it will actually work, and then going to a hardware store to try and find some things Lisa asked me to buy for her. I found a non-Chinese metric-only tape measure; however, every thermometer in the store had both scales on it. If I have time, I'll try to get to the next-farthest-away place.

Registration was painless. I don't like the fact that the badges are on the kinds of lanyards that flop over backwards half the time, but I substituted one of the clips that I carry with me specifically for this reason. I checked in as a program participant, where I discovered that people with only one program item like me don't get program-participant ribbons because the convention didn't order enough ribbons.

To test out my camera equipment, I recorded the Opening Ceremonies; however, I ended up missing the first portion of it on account of not realizing that when I pushed the Record button, I hadn't actually pushed it. I will try to upload the video when I get a chance, but don't expect anything anytime soon.

Later, I returned to the main hall for Robin Johnson's FGOH speech, which I also recorded, except for the first few seconds because he started on time and thus before I was ready. I also bumped the tripod a couple of times. I've not had time to review the videos to see if they turned out okay.

I delivered the two site selection ballots that I've been carrying to Site Selection, and cast my own ballot.

The Mark Protection Committee was supposed to meet, but arrangements for a location and time hadn't been made in advance of the convention, and we needed to get at least eight of the nine members present at Aussiecon to make quorum. (The MPC has 15 members total.) We never got more than seven in one place and gave up; however, we determined serially that the members present were willing to consider the reports submitted to the committee's e-mail list and available on the A4 web site to stand as the MPC's report to WSFS.

I got out for dinner in Chinatown. Walking back, I went to the Crowne Plaza to attend Anticipation's Thank-You party. After all, I am a director of Anticipation's parent non-profit, and I was wearing my Anticipation polo shirt. I hung out and talked and smoffed for an hour or so and then went back to the Hilton, getting to bed a bit after midnight.

I planned to be up about 7, but woke up at 6 and decided not to try any harder to get back to sleep. This gave me a little extra time over breakfast in the Lounge to check my mail and post quickly-written and rather slapdash recitations of events like this.

Today is the Preliminary Business Meeting, and I need to be over there basically as soon as I can get into the room in order to get my recording equipment set up. There are power outlets in the room, but only a couple of spots where I can reasonably set up and record the meeting.
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