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It was raining pretty hard last night, so I wimped out of going down to the parties at the Crowne Plaza, and I unfortunately had to pass on the invitation to a private party in one of the other hotels. So I got to bed relatively early and was once again up and about before 6 AM. This does have the good effect of being able to get breakfast in the Lounge when everything is fresh, and I get a little while to check messages.

This morning is the Main Business Meeting, where I put my name on the line for the Mark Protection Committee election. As I said back in July, I consider this a referendum on my actions on the MPC. If I'm not returned to office, it means everything we've done with and the Hugo Awards Marketing Committee has been repudiated by the Business Meeting, in which case I think the only honorable thing to do would be to down tools and stop working on it.

Besides the Mark Committee election (which happens first thing), there are four substantive proposals that will all probably generate a fair bit of debate, as I posted yesterday. I'll try to report on it later and to post a video. We may be able to transmit the BM over UStream, but the sound on that webcam I have is awful. You can try the Worldcon channel on UStream from around 10 AM Melbourne time (6 PM Pacific Time).

Today is actually relatively lightly programmed for me because I have no involvement with the Masquerade. Yesterday I didn't get any dinner (I had a late lunch and some food bars) because I was recording (and transmitting on UStream) the Australian Awards Ceremony.

Phil and Kaja Foglio are here, and they're going to be doing a performance of Girl Genius Radio Theatre at 4 PM today. They put out a call for actors. By the time I got there, the juicy role (Othar) was taken, but I wlll be the Narrator. I'm really looking forward to this.

In an attempt to cut down on weight carried, I left a bunch of spare computer kibble at home. So of course I needed to go look for a 2m USB extension cord yesterday. Sigh. And in fact, I think I'm going to go buy an Australian extension cord simply because my Australia-North America plug adapter is so bulky that is blocks the other outlets, so I need an extension cord in order to share outlets with anyone else.

I forgot my floppy hat, which is annoying given how much trouble I went to setting it aside in the first place. I need to find time to get another one, but I hate going off site. It's the Fear of Missing Something, you know.

Anyway, although the meeting is not for another two hours, I will probably be down in the room way early because it takes me so long to set up the equipment and make sure everything works.
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