Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Last Night

I got back to the hotel tonight early enough to watch the Australia-New Zealand rugby match tonight. In honor of the Bledisloe Cup match tonight, I wore my USA Rugby polo shirt around today, but nobody commented on it.

My own laptop refused to boot this evening, saying it can't find the boot sector. I could run FIXBOOT, but I don't know the administrator password on the company-owned machine. The other alternative is to go to backup clone that I made before I left for Australia, salvaging the files on my computer that changed during the trip (not a whole lot, but much of the video I shot). I can do that (or I hope find someone at the office who knows that the drive's administrator password is) when I get home, but it means I'll be without my computer during the flight back, which is pretty annoying because (a) I planned on getting some work done and (b) Playing Locomotion makes hours melt away. Oh, well, at least I have a book to read and I suspect I'll not have too much trouble sleeping.

I did try to find metric kitchen measuring cups this afternoon, but they were all dual-scale (most appeared to have been old-fashioned units like 1/2 cup first) or made in China. Rats!

Okay, time's running out and I need to get to bed and get the four or five hours of sleep I'll have before I have to get back up and pack to get out to the airport. I won't be back online until sometime on Sunday, I expect. Also, if anyone had my Australian mobile phone number, you can expect that it is no longer valid about six to eight hours after this message posts.
Tags: australia, computers, travel

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