Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Getting Better, Slightly

There are advantages to one's body clock still being disrupted somewhere out over the Pacific, in that the project on which I am working this week can only really get seriously going after about 2 PM PDT due to needing to wait for our Central and Eastern time zone offices affected to end their days so I can work on their data.

I'm back at work, sort of, working from home while I still hack and cough and stumble around the apartment. I'm better than I was yesterday, and the same can be said for my slowly-healing legs, to which I continue to apply ointment every few hours to (I hope) reduce the amount of peeling. At least I'm not in continuous screaming pain from the sunburn, and the blisters are fading.
Tags: heatlh, work

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