Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Making the Most of Insomnia

I'm feeling much better, although I'm still coughing a lot and probably will be for a couple of weeks, but at least I've had the energy and time to edit up more Worldcon video, including the Opening Ceremonies and Closing Ceremonies. Follow the links to for the videos.

Even the very simple editing (adding titles) is time consuming, because it takes MovieMaker at least as long to convert the videos to their final form (generally down-converting them in size from their originals so that there's some chance that you can actually view them on most internet connections) as their actual playing times. And it uses every bit of the computer's processor to do it, so I basically set up a conversion job and go away for an hour or so, then come back, start the upload to Vimeo, then go away again for another hour while the files upload.

It doesn't help me when I discover typographical errors after I post the video, like I did with the Worldcon Chairs Photo, because then I have to fix the source, regenerate the video, re-upload it, wait for Vimeo to clear it, then delete the first upload. Fortunately, it appears that nobody noticed the typo'd copy during the hour or so it was up there before I replaced it.
Tags: aussiecon, worldcon

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