Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Low Energy State

Both days this weekend have been Spare the Air days (as is tomorrow), so I've done my part by not going anywhere, although it got hot enough yesterday to turn the air conditioning on, which probably didn't help the air quality. I still am coughing due to the Australian cold-induced chronic bronchitis, which means I can't sleep well. I sleep for 2-3 hours at a time, then wake up coughing, then stay awake for a while before being able to sleep again. From the odd blood sugar readings I'm getting, I think my body clock is still somewhere around the International Date Line.

In addition, I'm finally getting my hard drive clones sorted out properly. I have one business machine and one personal machine. I re-equipped the business machine (at my own expense) with a larger hard drive. Each machine gets one hard drive to serve as the clone backup. But for various reasons, the clones have been unbalanced. It works better if both the clone and the installed drive are as identical as possible. (Ideally, you buy two identical drives at the same time.) I've had the drives in the wrong configuration, with A cloning B and vice versa. This afternoon, I'm going through the extra clone steps to get the drives cloned correctly. This can't be done quickly, since I always test each clone after its done. In fact, my normal procedure with a clone back up is to swap the clone into the machine after it's done. This is the only way to be certain that it really will boot, after all. After that's done, the drive that had been the working drive then goes into the fire safe as the backup. I hope that also evens out physical wear on the drives.

Doing these clones is time-consuming, but I've found that they are the best possible backups I could have on account of they also preserve all of my settings and whatnot, and since they're about the only solution when a drive refuses to boot and FIXBOOT won't work.
Tags: computers

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