Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

I Like Our Chances

The San Diego Padres lost their game tonight while the Giants were idle. This puts the Giants up by one game with both teams having six games to play, including the final three against each other.

If I'm doing my sums correctly, the Giants technically can clinch the division by sweeping their next three games (Arizona Diamondbacks, starting tomorrow night) if the Padres lose their next three games. This seems unlikely, however, and therefore there's a pretty good chance that one, two, or possibly all three of this weekend's games at Emperor Norton Field in San Francisco will decide the National League West.

It should be a playoff atmosphere, but I won't be able to partake of it. Games on Saturday and Sunday only have standing-room tickets (for $35!), and the "dynamic deal" seats for tomorrow and Wednesday ($6) are long since sold out. I'll be watching or listening to the games, but it looks like I've seen my last in-person game of the season.
Tags: baseball

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