Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Three is the Magic Number

Padres win, Giants win: Giants continue to lead NL West by 2 with four to play.

I've had to change my travel plans again because work suddenly became seriously busy. Now I won't leave until Friday evening, spending the night in Yuba City and part of Saturday visiting my family there before continuing on to Central Point (Medford) that afternoon. I like the Yreka Holiday Inn Express better, but not $25/night better.

Also, I continue to have computer problems. Our computer guys say they hope to be able to get to it tomorrow. I'm about ready to tell them, "Screw it, just re-image the thing. I've got backups, and I can reinstall any of our custom programs." It would probably waste less of my time than the current hassles.
Tags: baseball, giants, hotels, travel, work
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