Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

So Long, Yuba City HIX

Having decided that I'm not going to go up to Yuba City on Friday night after all, I tried to cancel my reservation that I'd made for tomorrow night at the Holiday Inn Express Yuba City, where I've stayed many times. The online system wouldn't let me cancel it. I called customer service, and they escalated it to the second level because they couldn't get at it either. Upon investigation, the agent said, "I can't access it because it isn't a Holiday Inn Express anymore, effective today." Apparently that property decided not to do the revamp necessary to stay in the HIX brand anymore and were dropped from the system. A direct call to the hotel got the reservation canceled.

Upon reflection, I sort of wish I would have kept the reservation and stayed there one more time "for old times sake," because I liked the hotel, and because I probably would have still received credit for the stay as a transition reservation. Now I'll have to re-think where I stay on my trips to Yuba City.
Tags: hotels

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