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It took me longer to get to Yuba City than I thought it would, and then I found myself spending more time with my sister and nephew, and then with my mother later than I thought I would, so I'm way far behind. OTOH, my mother recognized the signs of my pending hypoglycemia before I did and insisted that I have lunch before I set out again, and she was right. I should have realized that's why I had the shakes. Anyway, while heading north on I-5, I contemplated calling Holiday Inn and changing the reservation to a nearer hotel, but before I knew it, it was past 6 PM and I was committed to Central Point.

I stopped in Redding anyway, it being my regular refueling point and a chance to take a break at the Starbucks. I have about 150 miles to go, and the weather is good, so maybe I won't be as late as I thought I might be.

Being as late as I was, I wasn't out of range of KNBR by the end of Giants-Padres game, but maybe I should have been, as the Giants lost their second straight game. Now it's down to one game: If the Giants win, they take the NL West, but if they lose, they'll be tied with the Padres, with a slightly complex interaction with the wild card.

I don't expect to be able to hear the game tomorrow. Fingers crossed for the Giants!
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