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Wi-Fi in Anaheim

Internet access at the Anaheim Hilton is $12.95/day, so I decided it was not worth it. Wi-Fi access in the Anaheim Convention Center, however, not only works, but is free! I'm sitting here in room 205 in the general committee meeting, surrounded by other people with laptop computers because Chuck Shimada helpfully strung a large power strip with range to cover the first three rows on one side of the room. (The room is set up "schoolroom" style, with long tables at each row.) Unfortunately, I left my power supply back in the hotel room. Fortunately, I have lots of battery power, and two spare batteries as well, so I can hold out until the first break, after which Lisa or I can run back to the hotel and retrieve the power supplies.

(Lisa is using the newly-purchased refurbished Dell to play Locomotion, which keeps her occupied during the meeting. She introduced herself to the meeting as, "I'm Lisa Hayes: I'm Kevin's wife, and I'm letting him attend the convention.")

Follow-up: (11:00) I have had people from Facilities yell at me for saying this, as when I mentioned that "wi-fi is free in here" during the meeting, they very loudly informed me NO IT IS NOT, although is appers that the trade show happening in this building while we're here (Flooring America/Flooring Canada) has put up their own free network, to which I'm attached. Or maybe they've paid off the convention center to make the network free today. The actual name of the network is OFCNFOEC, which is a bit cryptic.

Further follow-up: (16:10) When we broke for lunch and walked back across to the Hilton, I noticed from a sign that was in the lobby that one of the other groups meeting here this week was OFCNFOEC, and it makes a certain amount of sense that they'd put up a free wi-fi network. Their conference ended yesterday, but their network is still up and running for free. When it's raining soup, grab a bucket.
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