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Orange October

As I mentioned last night, the only "new" costume I could throw together on short notice was the Giants Fan-atic. Turns out I wasn't the only person at my office thinking that way.

This is the "compromise costume." I had errands to run this morning, so I needed something I could wear to run them and then change into this without too much trouble. The only really OTT item here is the wig, after all. I also didn't put on the shirt until I got to the office, mainly because it was too warm. With Giants Fever sweeping the Bay Area, nobody it likely to be put out by someone wearing a Giants shirt and ball cap. (I had my Giants cap with me on my errands.)

Cheryl pointed out to me that what I really needed was a cheesy-looking fake beard, but that according to reports, all of the Halloween stores in the Bay Area are out of fake beards on account of everyone else having the same idea. Had I had much more time to think about it, I probably could have improvised something out of black cloth or even black makeup. With my near-perpetual five o'clock shadow, it's not like it would have been difficult to darken my beard.

I was much taken with this Star Trek costume, made by the woman wearing it. These two were the last two I persuaded to pose for photos, although turnout was light in general, with a lot of people out of the office for meetings. Indeed, I'd seen a couple of other co-workers in costume in the morning, but had put off photographing them because I'd expected to get them here, but they never turned up.

So much sugar, so little that I can safely eat, especially with an elevated blood sugar reading this morning.

Another co-worker brought her two small daughters to work wearing adorable costumes, but when I asked the girls if I could take their pictures, they said, "no," although their mother was cool with it. I respected the girls' wishes; they were very shy, and after all, here was a strange man with orange hair asking if he could take their pictures.

There were prizes for those of us who dressed up, and I took my bag back to my desk without looking at it. Checking it out later, it seemed to consist mostly of candy, which makes it harder on me. (Not impossible; I just have to be careful how much I eat.) But then I spotted the real prize, which was a $15 gift card from Red Lobster. That's actually useful.

I'm glad I got to do something for Halloween other than hang around airports, which is what I'll be doing this Sunday. Maybe I should wear the orange-and-black stuff to SFO on Sunday morning. If I wear the cap rather than the fright wig, I shouldn't be much more than just an enthusiastic local baseball fan, which appears to be a socially acceptable condition in the mundane world.
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