Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Never Been So Happy to Be Wrong

I expected the Texas Rangers to win two out of three in Texas to send the series back to San Francisco, where I expected the Giants would win game 6. But Tim Lincecum and Edgar Renteria of the Giants had other ideas — the former with a stellar performance holding the Rangers to just one run, and the latter with the three-run home run that earned him the World Series MVP. The Giants win game 5 by a score of 3-1 and take the 2010 World Series 4 games to 1. This is the first time the San Francisco Giants have won the World Series since the franchise moved to the Bay Area in 1958.

I was watching the game from my hotel room here in the Chicagoland suburb of Aurora, Illinois. I was on pins and needles all night long. I hadn't forgotten that in 2002, the Giants were six outs away from winning the Series and ended up losing. Even to the last pitch as closer Brian Wilson made good on "Fear the Beard" I was worried that something could still go wrong. But it didn't!

I also was pleased to be able to participate virtually with all of my fannish friends who are also Giants fans and who were online during the game and texting away. It was not as good as having us all together at a viewing party, but we would never have been able to pull that off logistically anyway, so this was just as well.

I jumped up and down a few times and would have shouted with joy for my team winning, but I didn't want to get the local authorities coming to investigate mayhem at the Staybridge Suites.

Now I find myself needing to try and calm down enough to get to bed, because I have to be up early again tomorrow (and the next three days after that). But I'll be a happy Giants fan who no longer has to dream of his team winning the World Series because they've actually done it.

(Incidentally, as I was composing this message, my sister called me from Yuba City to ask me if I'd seen the game. She didn't know I'd gone out to Chicago and I confused her by saying, "I got to see the game from the same time zone as where it was being played.")
Tags: baseball, giants

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