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Due to some confusion with the Anaheim Convention Center, we were not able to do a complete walkthrough of the convention center facilities, so I was unable to do my "step by step" analysis of how large the spaces are. For those of you not familiar with it, what I do is pace off some of the common distances in the convention facility. My stride is around 3 feet/1 yard/1 meter -- the difference between 1 yard and 1 meter is not important to worry about for an approximation like this -- and therefore you get a practical measurement of how far apart things are. I hate measurements expressed as "blocks" because "blocks" are highly variable. For example, street blocks here in Anaheim are huge -- it looks like you could fit as many as five or even ten of Portland's little blocks inside these long Anaheim blocks.

Anyway, to show you how close the Anaheim Convention Center is to its main hotel, the Anaheim Hilton: It is 80 Standlees between the door of the Hilton and the door of the Convention Center, taking the path that I would consider "direct" between the buildings. In contrast, the space on the second floor of the convention center between the two banks of escalators (stretching from rooms 201 to 207) is 135 Standlees.

This building is huge, and even if you were at one of the previous two Worldcons held here, you're going to be surprised. The Anaheim Convention Center (link will lead you to the floorplans) has been rebuilt and looks (to me) much larger than it was in 1996. L.A.con isn't even using the majority of the space in the convention center. I don't think there is another event in here the same weekend, although I may be wrong about that. We'll be in Hall A and the Arena, and using function rooms 201-207, and all of the Anaheim Hilton (link takes you to the floorplans), which is just chock-a-block with space. It's something of an embarrassment of riches, space-wise.

I am otherwise taking it relatively easy here. I don't actually have a division of my own, as I report directly to the Chair, and he and I mostly worked out the things active with Business Meeting in the Hospitality suite last night. I'm sitting on the edges of the Programming break-out session, but that's only because it's where the power outlets are in the function room. Pretty soon here I will shut down and head back to the hotel, where the writ of free wi-fi runneth not.

I had a large breakfast and thus did not each a big lunch, and instead went for a walk while others were at lunch. I didn't count, but it was probably about 5 km, maybe longer -- like I said, the blocks here are really long!

I noticed that there is a Buca di Beppo within what I would consider walking distance (but probably most fans would not: according to MapQuest it was about 2 km one-way). But on the other hand, after eating a Buca meal, going for a 2 km walk is probably a good idea.
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