Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Sticking With Priority Club

The meetings at my office run only until Noon Friday, and my flight out of O'Hare is not until 5 PM. I checked with the front desk, and while normal check-out is Noon, they can definitely give me a 2 PM check-out on the strength of my Priority Club Platinum membership. So that means I don't have to pack tonight (and am thus going to bed in a few minutes) and can get extra sleep in the morning rather than having to be up an extra half-hour early in order to deal with moving out. And even better, needing to go back to the hotel to get packed out makes it that much easier to leave on time even if the meeting runs long, although it's unlikely to do so because we've been very good about sticking to schedule this week.
Tags: hotels, work

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