Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Will Need That Extra Hour

I got an aisle seat on the 767 coming back from Chicago, and the armrest lifted, which helped a great deal. I was even able to (barely) get my laptop open and running sufficiently to play Locomotion for a while, which made the middle two hours of the four-hour flight disappear.

As opposed to the United pilots on most of my recent flights that have turned off Channel 9 ("From the Flight Deck" which carries the Air Traffic Control radio traffic), the pilot on this flight was so enthusiastic that (after making an announcement on the PA that he'd be doing so) he got on Channel 9 and spent ten or fifteen minutes talking about our flight, why planes fly as high as they do, why the cabin pressure is for such thin air, and so forth. I made a point of thanking him as I left the plane in San Francisco.

Having not been hungry in flight, I stopped in the International terminal on the way to the BART station and had dinner, then got on BART, and after two transfers and a taxi ride, made it home.

Now, as soon as I can manage to get enough stuff unpacked to do so, I'm going to bed. And I'm not setting an alarm. And I'm so happy that there will be an extra hour on Sunday morning.
Tags: sleep, travel
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