Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Make that Spending the WEEKEND Dead...

...or so it seemed. I was only awake for a few hours yesterday before falling back into bed somewhere around 6 PM. I woke up again just before 2 AM Sunday morning and actually woke up sufficiently to reset my bedside clock, then fell asleep again until around 6 AM Pacific Standard Time. So I should be fully rested, but I also could only barely get out of bed. This isn't the pinched-nerve problem (that would include pain down my leg, based on past experience), but simply that my back muscles don't seem to like being relaxed in that position for that long, regardless of the bed on which I'm sleeping. I needed my cane to get started for a while, and it was over an hour (including a long hot shower) before I really got unlimbered. Creak, groan.

Now I must really get out and buy a little bit of groceries, having deliberately run down my stock of perishables in advance of the trip to Chicago.
Tags: health

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