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Keep On Plugging Away

I'm back in the Bay Area only through Thursday because I fly to Oregon on Friday for OryCon, where I'll be hosting Match Game SF on Sunday morning. (If you're going to be at OryCon, please come to the game, and if you're interested in helping with setup/teardown, let me know.) That means I have to finlize the game material by the end of the day on Thursday (and preferably Wednesday so I can spend Thursday evening packing), and I also have stuff to do for Westercon 64 and for the SF & F Translation Awards. Oh, and there is of course the Day Jobbe, where I have to get cracking on projects we postponed in order to give me time to spend a week in Aurora with the other company engineers on cross-training.

It's probably a good thing that I spent most of this past weekend sleeping. I'm going to need the energy.
Tags: orycon, translation awards, westercon, work

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