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The Soup Rain Continues to Fall

After bidding Lisa goodbye (we bailed her car out of the Clarion's parking lot, that being the only place nearby where we could actually park it) and watching her leave (she's decided to head back to Oregon via Nevada, so she can check out some areas where she might be interested in relocating), I got my computer and walked back over to the Convention Center. There do not appear to be any events going on here today, but it is open, and I fired up the computer and found that the free (that is, paid for by that other convention) internet access is still turned on. This gave me a chance to check my e-mail and LJ.

The L.A.con IV meetings went well, in my opinion. Kudos to those who did all of the organizing, including the fine hospitality suite organized by hazelchaz.

In a few minutes, I'll be shutting down, because I need to get out of my room by 1 PM, and catch the 1:30 bus to get me over to the airport, where I hope to be able to catch the earlier flight home. If not, well, I've got books to read.

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