Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Show Prep

The "small stuff" — show intro, credits, commercials, contestant placards, fliers for posting and promoting the show, and the questions themselves — for the show at OryCon are now done and loaded. Because we've never done a show here and all of the panelists are new, I can re-use all sorts of older material, which makes the prep go faster, although not instantaneously. I reckon I spent about two hours this evening assembling everything.

Lisa has the hard part, which is assembling and moving all of the tech gear. In some cases, we've reached the point where it's not really a one-person job anymore. The rolling case, for instance, can get so full of stuff that Lisa can't lift it into the truck by herself. Part of this is because we tend to keep picking up stuff that looks like it might be useful, most of which is used and some of which is rather old and heavy (although working). We got a sound board, for instance, at the ham-fest last month when I was up there. It works, but Lisa is going to need to remove all of the foam insulation in the carrying case and completely replace it, because the foam is old, worn out, and crumbly.

One thing we don't have for the show in Portland that is really worrying me is an announcer. None of our usual suspects are going to be at OryCon, and it takes a certain kind of voice and attitude to announce the show. I could do it myself if I wasn't hosting it, but I can't do both at the same time. Anyone going to OryCon who fancies himself as a game show announcer?
Tags: lisa, match game, orycon
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