Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Slowly Improving

It still wasn't a very good day today, but my appetite came back mid-afternoon. I hope to be more mobile tomorrow; at least well enough to go to the office rather than working from home.

Checking Amtrak's web site, I see that had I been willing to toss out my return ticket on Horizon and shell out $313 for a roomette (had one been available), I could have caught a train from Portland at 2:25 PM (about twenty minutes before my Horizon flight actually left) that would have arrived in Oakland at 8:40 AM this morning. (I actually got home a bit after 7 PM Monday after a painful but not excruciating flight. I probably slept better than I would have done on the train.) Still, it was quite tempting.

The Doubletree Hotel sent me a standard "thank you, any comments?" e-mail, and I replied with a complaint about the food poisoning, including our guess that it had to do with the sausages (or possibly the bacon). I don't know if anyone else got zapped or not. The symptoms wouldn't have turned up until many people had already gone home, probably. And there's always the chance that we've mis-identified the source.
Tags: amtrak, health, orycon, travel

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