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Blessed Silence to Descend

If I had remembered in advance of the trip down to Anaheim that the second round of the World Baseball Classic was going on that weekend, I might have arranged to attend a game. As it was, I took the Disneyland Resort Express bus ($28 round trip; I bought a R/T ticket at the airport) from the Hilton back to John Wayne Airport and caught an earlier flight home.

There are numerous ways of getting from John Wayne Orange County Airport. I think the DRE bus above is probably a good bet if you're traveling alone. A group of three or four probably would be cheaper in a taxi. A larger group could probably get a limo (like when the group of us from the Calgary Westercon rented a limo for $75 one way to get us to Litchfield Park AZ; it was only about $8/person that way). The bus runs once an hour. As my luck ran, a bus came along just as I arrived curbside at the airport. The bus that picks you up at the Hilton makes several other hotel stops, then goes over to the Disneyland Hotel, where you transfer to the Orange County Airport bus (while the people on that bus transfer to your bus, which continues on to LAX).

Anyway, I was able to catch an earlier flight and got home at a reasonable hour. While waiting for them to start boarding my flight, I stood outside one of the airport bars and watched the top of the 8th inning of the USA-Japan game of the World Baseball Classic. With the game tied at 3, Japan scored what looked like a go-ahead run on a sacrifice fly. The US appealed the play, saying the runner left early. (For the benefit of non-baseball-literate: this sort of play is one the defenders must explicitly appeal, rather than just leaving to the umpire. If the defenders don't make the appeal, the play stands and the runner scores.) After an initial call of "safe," the home plate umpire (whose call it is normally anyway, he being the only umpire in the right position to see the play properly) ruled that the runner had left the base before the fielder caught the ball, and was thus out -- the run was taken off the board. The Japanese were stunned; their manager came out and argued (through an interpreter) but to no avail. The Japanese team initially didn't even come out the dugout to take the field, refusing to acknowledge that instead of it being two outs and them leading 4-3, the inning was over and the score was tied.)

I only got to see that half-inning, and at least from what I saw, I think the Japanese have a case for their complaint. The US went on to win in the bottom of the ninth. I wish I'd attended that game. Heck, I could have attended that game.

For the next two days, those of you accustomed to my commonly always-online status will be either disappointed or relieved to hear that I will be in training classes the next two days in a facility that has no internet access because they want people to not play with their computers but pay attention to the course.

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