Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Sick of Work

Except for a brief pop out to buy a small amount of groceries (I won't be home much between now and SMOFCon, thanks to Thanksgiving, SorcerorCon, and SMOFCon, so I did not need much), I've spent most of today fussing over computer models for work and blowing my nose a lot. Yes, I have a cold, presumably contracted from one of my fellow SFSFC directors yesterday.

Speaking of yesterday's meeting, I've posted the revisions to the SFSFC bylaws passed yesterday. The two changes were a change to our fiscal year and modifying how we set the size of the Board of Directors.

Change 1 was to change our fiscal year, which has been July-June since 1991, to April-March, thereby creating a short year July 1, 2010-March 31, 2011. This change is so that we don't have a year-end fall right on top of a convention we're running, specifically Westercon. We did that once before and it was a bad thing from an accounting point of view. Based on what SFSFC does, we think it unlikely that we'll be running a convention around the last weekend of of March or first of April anytime soon.

Change 2 affected the size of the Board, previously fixed at 11 members and requiring a Bylaw amendment to adjust. We changed it to "Between 7 and 13," with the number changeable by Board resolution (an easier prospect procedurally), and with the provision that you can't unseat a director during his/her term. You could eliminate the seat effective as of the end of a given term, however, and you could eliminate a vacant seat prior to the term ending for that seat.

While discussing the second change, an issue was raised that never occurred to me. Someone said that they figured "between 7 and 13" means "8,9,10,11, and 12," since (for example) 7 is not between 7 and 13. Well, I guess that's one possible interpretation, but since anytime I write BETWEEN 7 AND 13 in a database query I'll get 7 and 13 as well as any other number between them, it never would have crossed my mind. The SFSFC President ruled that the language includes the endpoints, and I put a note in with the Bylaws to clarify this.

Although we authorized ourselves to modify the size of the Board, we did not do so; it remains at eleven seats, and we finally filled two seats on the Board that have been vacant for some time, so we're back up to the full compliment for the first time in over a year.

After the main meeting, we held a brief separate meeting to elect officers for next year. After some brief discussion, all incumbents agreed to stick around for another term, nobody else wanted the jobs, and therefore I'm Secretary of SFSFC for another year.
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