Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Moving Out & About

Lisa and I got out of the hotel surprisingly early this morning, by dint of my setting my alarm much earlier than I would have preferred. Consequently, we got to my office around 10 AM, moved her gear from my van to her pickup truck, and she got away before 10:30 AM. I went in to my office to check my mail and messages for about an hour, then started back toward Fremont with a stop at my favorite Mexican hole-in-the-wall shop, El Metate in Belmont, for lunch.

Because of the hard drive problems with my personal machine, I decided that I'd better buy a third 320 GB PATA (IDE) hard drive, and so I drove to the nearest Fry's (Palo Alto). There I found that they were out of stock, possibly forever. Having come back that far south, I went on to Sunnyvale and collected the mail in the PO Box, then went over to Fremont via CA-237 and to the Fry's there, where they were also out of stock. Fry's suggested Central Computer in Newark, where they did indeed have a few. I could only afford one, but I did get it.

With all of the running around, I actually only was home for about three hours before I had to head back to San Jose to collect people from SMOFCon who wanted to go to tonight's BASFA meeting. I should have started a half-hour earlier, because I hadn't anticipated how bad the traffic was; however, we still got to the meeting with plenty of time.

Norman Cates got to fly the flag for New Zealand — literally. We put up the NZ flag he'd brought with him on the wall and it flew over the meeting. He gave a short talk about the NZ in 2020 bid and sold pre-supports after the meeting.

With all of the visitors, and with a healthy dose of recreational parliamentarianism thrown in, tonight's meeting was longer than usual, and the last of us didn't leave until nearly 10 PM. I took a different set of people south than I'd brought north, as we swapped around rides with people who were going north rather than needing to go to the hotel.

Because of all of this, I was still on the road heading back to Fremont at around 11:40 when my phone rang. It was Lisa. She'd not stopped for the night, but had pushed through and had just gotten home to Mehama, about 13 hours after she left San Mateo. Whew, what a trip! I've never done that in one jump, although I have done it from the Yuba City area, about 150 miles shorter.

I've restored an older clone from November 21st to the new, blank hard drive and ran diagnostics and anti-malware software on it and found nothing. Now to start the process of recovering from the readable-but-unbootable drive my documents and settings, some of which I hope to leave to sit as I go to bed. I'm completely wiped out and wish I could take tomorrow off to sleep, but I have work and more errands to do.
Tags: basfa, lisa, smofcon

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