Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Fannish Inquisition Videos: SMOFCon Bids

I finished and uploaded the first half of the "Fannish Inquisition" from SMOFCon, that being the bid presentation and site selection for the 2011 SMOFCon and the presentations of bids for 2012 and 2013.

2011 Bid Presentations and Site Selection: this is long (45 minutes) because there were two serious bid and it had to go to a vote for the third (or possibly fourth, depending on how you count such things) time in the history of the convention. Personally, I was intrigued about how neither bid wanted to go first, leading to a coin flip: "Amsterdam has won the toss and elected to receive."

Philadelphia in 2012 bid presentation: this was only about five minutes, and happened between the end of the 2011 bids and before the presentation of the voting results.

Toronto in 2013 bid presentation: As SMOFcon is selected only one year in advance, this is mainly a "run it up the flagpole" type of presentation. The reference to the "Death March to Sushi" has to do with the previous Toronto SMOFCon, held in an suburban airport hotel, where a group of us (including me) were induced by Michael Wallis to hike what was probably about 2 km in the snow to a sushi restaurant. The tale appears to have grown in the telling, to the extent that possibly every member of that SMOFCon must have been on the hike and that it was a driving blizzard. Uphill. Both ways.

This all ate up the first hour of the two scheduled for the Inquisition. Next come the presentations from seated Worldcons, which I'll probably get uploaded tonight.
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