Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Tis the Season

...for holiday parties, and I was invited to one today to which I actually could attend. (I've often been in the wrong place to attend such parties, like being in Oregon for parties in the Bay area, or vice versa.) This one was the Locus magazine party up in the Oakland hills. I've been there once before, but it was years ago and it took a little bit of hunting around first to find the place and second to find a place to park on the steep hillside roads. I found myself hoping the parking brake on my van would hold and trying to remember which way I was supposed to turn the wheel when parking on a grade.

This was a pleasant party at the Locus HQ, which is a house in the hills. I remembered from my previous visit that visitors are asked to remove their shoes, and since it's not good for me to go barefoot for long periods of time when I'm on my feet (doctors' orders due to my heel spurs), I remembered to bring my house slippers (with arch supports). I enjoyed the food and drink on offer and of course the pleasant company of SF fans and pros, including David Clark, dinogrl, and dave_gallaher. I brought as a gift a bottle of wine on behalf of Cheryl, who of course couldn't be here but would have been welcome if she could have attended.

As I was leaving the party, one of the other people leaving pointed out a deer that was wandering across the road. Perhaps it had been attracted by the Christmas-decoration reindeer on one of the houses along the narrow street. "Deer are okay," I said, "It's mountain lions that worry me, and they follow deer." By the time I'd reached my van, the deer had vanished down the hillside into the foggy darkness. I gingerly put my van into low range and eased my way down the cliff road back to CA-13 and headed home.

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