Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Wet is Okay...

...because it's above freezing and not snowing. It's been raining nearly continuously on me since I left Vacaville, but never very heavily. I've made my regular stop in Redding to fill the van with gas and me with coffee at the Starbucks, and to buy a small amount of groceries for my dinner when I get to Yreka, which is a couple of hours drive north of here. The weather shows plenty of moderate rain between here and there, but no snow, which is okay with me. I still have to take it easy, because north of Redding the road changes from nice flat valley driving to moderately curvy mountain freeway driving, and my van isn't really build to grip the road that well. The wax job I did on the roof seam appears to be keeping any water out of the back, though, which is good.

I stopped longer than originally planned when I got to Sutter, but I plead cookies: my mother had mixed up a big batch of cookie dough and said if I could stay a little while she'd bake some of them. I even ate a couple of them, as I'd had a nice normal 92 blood sugar reading, which is surprising given that at Vacaville I simply ate a sandwich and got back on the road, with no time to exercise. The most exercise I got was bumping along Sycamore Slough Road, which is the shortest way to Sutter from the Bay Area, but on which 20 MPH feels like my fillings will shake loose. It's only about ten miles long, though, so I guess it's probably slightly shorter in travel time.

My mom gave me the cookies, and I promise that there will even be a few left when I get to Mehama so that Lisa can have some of them. I'd offer some to travelswithkuma, but there are no salmon chips in them, just chocolate chips and fresh-cracked walnuts.
Tags: travel, weather

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