Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Meeting Madness

Tomorrow is the trimesterly SFSFC Board of Directors meeting. As usual, the meeting is open to the public. We even have coffee, as we discovered that if we buy $100 in catering (coffee/tea), they'll give us the conference room, but if we just want to rent the room, it costs $100. Go figure.

Anyway, as SFSFC corporate secretary, I have to print the agendas, paper copies of the minutes of previous meetings, and that sort of thing. As I was putting this together, it finally struck me that this was the first meeting of 2006, which means I needed to start a new minutes book. (It is my practice to make a minutes book or binder for each calendar year, containing the minutes and other papers associated with the corporation.) Also, the first meeting means it was time to print the paper copy of the directors list, fresh copies of the bylaws, and other corporate documents to give to the directors. Sure, much of this is available on the web site, but in my experience people prefer to have paper copies as well. So that kept me in here late after work, as it's much easier to do this stuff at my office than at home.

One of the nice things about where we meet is that we have a free wi-fi (only on one side of the room because of where the WAP is located in the adjacent coffee shop that provides it). That means that in theory, if something needs to be changed on the SFSFC web site -- as long as it's minor -- I could do it "on the fly" during the meeting, as I'll have the tools with me. Not that I'm encouraging you SFSFC directors reading this to make such suggestions, you understand.
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