Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Made It to Mehama

I got to Mehama just before 5 PM, before it got dark, but just barely. Lisa helped me move stuff into the trailer and pointed out where a wind storm last night tore plastic strips off the rain shelter over the trailer. It was no tornado, but we get high winds here nevertheless. Then, as it was still not that late at night (despite being full dark) we took all of my computer gear to her father's house, cleared off his dining room table, and I set up what will be my office for the next month. On account of the various pieces not being all that well matched (and particularly because the E-series laptop is so huge), I've pretty much taken over the dining area for the duration. That includes having my personal D-series laptop here as well, since I'll need it for conference calls. (I can't use Skype when logged into the company's network; they consider it "internet chat" and the net-nanny blocks it.)

The D-series laptop is so far being well behaved. Let's hope this continues.

Not much else I can say. The trip north today was uneventful; just wet at times. There was no snow falling over the passes, and the pavement was mostly clear. I did take my time about things. At Cottage Grove, I would have finally got some train action, but the camera was stowed in the back of the van and there was no way I could have gotten to it by the time the train went by. Oh, well.
Tags: lisa, mehama, trains, travel, weather

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