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Having Myself a Very Quiet Christmas

Lisa told me to take it easy today, which suited me just fine. We opened presents this morning. travelswithkuma got me some nice soft socks, which also suit me. I'll leave Kuma Bear to describe his presents, which Lisa says he likes very much.

This is the little Christmas tree we found a couple of days ago. Lisa was a little late shopping for miniature trees, and all of the usual places we go were sold out, but we found this one at Lowe's. Since many of these mini-trees are actually grown in Half Moon Bay, maybe next year I'll remember to go over there around Thanksgiving and see if I can buy one from them directly. Here Kuma was inspecting his presents. "Something fishy here," he thought. He was right, too.

This afternoon, Lisa made a pot of buffalo chili and we took it over to her father's house, where she and I and her father had a sort of Christmas chili lunch. Then Lisa and I had to go for a walk, and on the way back we watched some people setting off firecrackers. One advantage of all of this rain is that it's highly unlikely that they'll set anything afire other than the fireworks. I still wouldn't have been lighting things so close to the main box; setting off the whole box at once might have been a bit more exciting than desired.

Feeling self-consciously genteel, Lisa baked some scones, which we had with the clotted cream I bought at Cost Plus World Market. She would have heated up the Spotted Dick that we'd bought there as well, but we'd eaten it a few days ago and when we went back for more, we found that there had been a run on them and they were all out.

There are probably new projects I could have started, and maybe this morning when it was rather sunny I could have got up and worked on the fallen branches, but, hey, it's Christmas and I was under orders to rest.
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