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Tree Dodging

Lisa is normally awake later than me and I try to not disturb her when I get up to go to work while I'm up here. This morning, she left a note to me to watch out for fallen tree branches along the path to her father's house. I appreciated this because the sun doesn't rise until nearly an hour after I walk over there at this time of the year, and the path isn't lit. As I left the trailer, I found about an inch of snow had fallen overnight (yay! better than the constant rain!) and sure enough, more branches had fallen across the path. I was surprised that the branch that fell wasn't the one I was expecting to be the next one down — Lisa and I plan on cutting down that sagging, over-extended branch if we get clear weather to do so.

This is a minor fall by the standards of this tree. Later today when there's more light to do so I will go out and drag the fallen branches to the side, where Lisa and I will reduce them to manageable pieces when we get a chance and when it's safe to use the electric chainsaw out there. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the view of the snow-covered field in preference to the soggy, rain-soaked landscape we've had since before Christmas. Today we're expecting snow showers, but the next few days after today may actually be free of rain or snow.
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