Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

A YA Hugo?

As reported by Cheryl, Chris Barkley has proposed a new Hugo Award category for Best Young Adult Book. He also posted the proposal to The List That Shall Not Be Named, where some people said the discussion should be kept because otherwise "People Will Talk." There have been a lot of messages on TLTSNBN, mostly rehashing old arguments. I suggest that Cheryl has created the forum that is most open to the public for discussion, with Chris' FB page second. Unlike the person who wanted to keep the discussion contained solely to a group of SMOFS so that people wouldn't talk about it ("people" in this case presumably meaning the rest of the WSFS membership at least), I don't mind people knowing that this sort of thing is going on.

On a tangentially related subject, one of the most common arguments raised against any new Hugo Award category is that there are "too many categories," and that having more categories makes the existing ones less valuable. I disagree soundly with this argument for reasons I've stated in many places including here in my own LJ. But since the logical conclusion of this argument is the elimination of all of the categories (it would make the Hugo Award infinitely prestigious), I've been sorely tempted to introduce a series of constitutional amendments that would repeal every category, one at a time. I wonder how many people would show up at the Business Meeting for that?

(If you want to discuss the YA Hugo proposal, I'd like to suggest you go over here and comment there instead. Any discussion on this post should, IMO, be limited to the meta-issues I've raised, not the specifics of Chris's YA Hugo proposal. Thank you.)
Tags: business meeting, hugo award, wsfs

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