Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

White New Year, Anyone?

Lisa's father came into my "office" in his dining room and suggested I look out the window, as the snow had started falling in earnest.

This is the view from the living room through the sliding-glass and screen door.

And here is from the kitchen window. My "office" doesn't have a direct window view, so I hadn't noticed that the snow had picked up and gotten fluffier. (It was more like slush when I walked to work in the dark this morning.)

This is out the main door, facing the back yard and on to the back field. We'd gotten out of the habit of refilling the bird feeders, and I only yesterday refilled them. The birds haven't rediscovered that the feed bag is back on yet.

I decided that I'd better go get those branches out of the path between here and Lisa's trailer, so I went and retrieved my work gloves, kitted up a little bit, and headed for the Gap-Toothed Tree after sweeping the sidewalk between Lisa's father's house and his garage.

As I mentioned earlier today, Lisa had left me a note warning me of fallen branches on the path. You can probably see all of the gaps in this tree's branches. There are probably more to come. We want to cut some of the lower, longer branches when we get a chance to do so; however, some of the higher branches also appear to be dangerously over-extended. We just hope nothing decides to cut loose while we're under the tree.

I forgot to get the camera and take a picture of the blocked path, but here's what things looked like after I dragged the newly-fallen branches aside — that's the stuff in the foreground and middle right. In the middle and toward the back are other branches that fell in an earlier storm that Lisa pushed aside until we can do something about them.

This isn't a terribly worrisome snowstorm. It looks like we might get three or four inches of snow, and much of it will probably melt soon, although the next few days are forecast to be cold enough that some of it may stick around until New Year's Day. I hope so, actually: it's nicer looking and somewhat drier than the muddy glop that surrounded us for the past week of "warm" storms. We need a few days of no rain to let the ground finish soaking up what we've received so far.
Tags: mehama, snow, weather

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