Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

On Road Trips

I'm back in Fremont, having spent much of the day visiting with my mother and grandfather in Sutter. I had a great time and am only mildly sunburned from the drive back. (I should have realized that sunburn was a likely prospect. I didn't get burned going up on Saturday because I'd applied sunscreen in advance in anticipation of working out in the sun at the storage locker.)

It's almost exactly 150 miles door to door from my grandfather's house to my apartment. What surprises me is how tired the drive makes me these days. 15-20 years ago, I would get up before dawn in Chico, drive to San Jose or Concord (up to 250 miles one way) for a committee meeting for BayCon or or Silicon or ConFrancisco or whatever, hang around and have dinner with people, then head back to Chico. There were a few times where I had to battle fatigue on the way back home to Chico, but it was a lot easier then. Nowadays, while I do love my family and love to be able to spend days visiting with them, those drives are getting increasingly tiresome. Whenever I can manage to use the train (which implies either renting a car at Sacramento or having someone collect me at the Sacramento trainstation or off the connecting bus to Marysville), I try to do so. That wouldn't work for this trip because I was hauling a bunch of stuff back with me, of course.

Now I need to quickly -- like, say, tonight -- re-sort the stuff I brought back with me and get it down to just those things that I really want to put in the exhibit, including photos I want to scan tomorrow evening after work.

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