Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Time Running Down

I'm leaving Mehama this Saturday, and that means time is running down on the number of errands I can run with Lisa. Today's job was to go collect her father's car from the dealership, where they were repairing wires to the starter than had melted. After stopping in at Cost Plus for more of the scone mix she has discovered she likes, we had pizza dinner at a place in Salem that advertised an indoor miniature golf course. This is one of those dark courses with black lights and lots of glow-in-the-dark paint. For theme work, this nine-hole course is pretty good. As a mini-golf course, though, it was terrible, with bad design and insufficient room from which to play shots. (Both of us found ourselves more than once having to play wrong-handed due to the tight space.) I don't think we'll return.

Tonight we're trying to clone a number of copies of drives for Lisa's IBM T30 computers. Unfortunately, we've discovered that for some reason, the latest version of Total Recovery Pro (formerly DriveClone) produces clones that won't work on the T30s. Fortunately, I have a self-bootable CD of an earlier version of the program, and that seems to work properly. Fingers crossed that it continues to work. I've submitted a tech support request to the software vendor, but I don't expect a quick response.
Tags: computers, lisa

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